At Apricot Productions we connect creators, artists, and performers.

We offer the following services:
Pre-production and post-production management.
Social Media, marketing and press relations.
Campaigning for projects.
Project financing & consultations.
Tour management & organization.

At Apricot Productions we consolidate resources for dancers, artists, and choreographers. In our podcast “The Talking Apricots” we offer the Apricot juice - a concentrated overview of cultural events, tips, tricks and life-hacks. 

We operate with a sister company, Los Angeles based Palinka Productions, founded by our long term collaborator and founder Monica Sharon. Both companies strive to bridge the continental gap between the USA & EU. With a commitment to advancement of all persons regardless of sex, race, age, or cultural background. We strive to support projects and artists who consider sustainability as a factor when producing their works. That means trains not planes- when we get the chance. Always recycled paper and more digital advertising

We pride ourselves on supporting projects that ethically pay.

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