Level 1 - Contact us.
You can contact us, we will then set up a meeting to learn about what you need. We offer a free thirty minute consultation to begin diving into your work.
We plan and plant something together.
An apricot seed.

Level 2 - We guide you.
After our meeting with you, the Apricots meet and discuss how we can work together for your project or event. We create an offer for you.
We water the seed.

Level 3 - We share the plan.
We give you your personalized offer, you decide if it works for you!
A sprout pops up!

Level 4 - We produce your project.
After the plan is set, we work together with you for your project. Many other details fall into place. The tree grows slowly. Buds begin to reveal themselves. Advertising, Press, organization with theaters, all of this takes the most time, but then...

The flowers of our labor bloom and we harvest the fruit from them.
Fruit tastes good, give it a try!

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